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  1. Doutaur 2 years ago

    IMO Jelena is the most ideal woman in porno. But I gotta say thick and buxomy Maggie is grossly under rated.

  2. Mekree 2 years ago

    Mmmmm w sticlk may cock harder deeper

  3. Arashigrel 2 years ago

    Gotta be in front, I guess. Makes their pee pee hard.

  4. Gashakar 2 years ago

    I think we use ‘pretty differently here. Grrr.

  5. Fenritilar 2 years ago

    Why the down votes? 10 mins of her going 'Oww Oww and being almost in tears will do that. Lots of people don't find that sexy particularly the women. Just sayin . . .

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